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We believe in progress.
We bring advancement by helping to create solutions that increase efficiency, quality and productivity.
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Therefore, we offer engineering services, from new installations and commissioning to maintenance & service support for the Food & Beverage Industry. We support companies producing dairy, beers and soft drinks made by traditional and aseptic technologies, to address their challenges in a cost-conscious way.
We are a worldwide team of engineers, and we love to be challenged
Every day, we come to work determinate to solve any complex situation, and we are dedicated to improve constantly in our activity and to establish good team spirit. This becomes a crucial mentality value in our company; we must shift our mindset to see our activity and everything in food industry in it as a never-ending opportunity. 
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SitecGroup people have the confidence to ask questions and challenge the answers they receive. It's our people who create safety garances every single day, using their skills and experience to adapt and respond to changing work situations and environments. To support them, we give access to industry-leading tools and systems, making it possible to deliver safe and successful work.
Over the past 36 months our capacities have grown
This brings an even greater responsibility to make a positive impact on each project we are following for our partners. And we put sustainability at the heart of everything, whether we are helping customers to improve their performance, or just supporting them to build the next chapter of the technology innovation. 
Our Services
Stronger together, our people are our business
By recognizing people’s talents, experience and potential, we promote a variety of workplace where we look out for one another, interested in opening new frontiers and approaching new customers. We care about the team building where our main scope is growing competences and being a strong group where we use our skills, expertise and judgement to keep everyone – our people, working mates and customers – safe.